Yas in full demon form.


As a Nephilim Yasrante has a unique heritage of having both an Angel and a Demon as his parents. He became a member of the Terra protectors after being saved by Katerina from an imposter shapeshifter Katerina. He has not yet reached his true potential. He has acquired a Glaive that can change betweensword and Glaive as a gift from St.George after training with him. He also now has an angel form based around speed. He is currently stuck as a woman.


Yasrante can manipulate his life force to shoot blasts of energy and make constructs out of it.

Yasrante can also drain the Life force of other living things to make himself stronger and act as sustenance for him. He never does this to innocents.  

He has access to a demon form that mulplies his strength, an angel form for speed,and arch forms of both for additional strength/speed/durability. Using the Arch forms will tire Yas quite quickly.