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The the original Terra Protectors were Katerina, Syvir, and Shizen. The group was formed after Shizen and Syvir's battle blew up the galaxy (it was recreated by Maximum Monkey). The Terra Protectors swore to protect the world from any and all threats. Syvir and Katerina apprehended a villain known as The Degenerate, whose power comes from the Gaiaforce, the power source that also feeds Shizen no Senshi. Soon after this they recruited a few new members. Edward Blue and Archangel Deacon joined of their own accord, and Yasrante the Nephilim joined after he and Katerina took down a shapeshifter posing as Katerina. Shizen no Senshi has been getting political backing for the group, changing them from a small gang of vigilantes to a small gang of internationally sanctioned police.


Shizen no Senshi


Katerina Lazarev

Archangel Deacon

Edward Blue (Formerly)