The Pariah A.K.A Setelah was rejected by the people of her village because of her demonic arm, but a small clan of assassins saw great potential in her, a hatred for the world that would make her a great assassin. They kidnapped her from the orphanage she had spent most of her life in and was forced to train with other recruits. When she completed her training she was given a magic dagger that she could summon from anywhere and multiply it infinitely. When her training was complete she murdered the top leaders of the clan and became the leader herself. She lead the clan to an age of prosperity fueled by her hatred and anger at her misfortune. She resides in her assassin's hideout currently, quietly leading the band of assassin's.Edit

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Demonic Arm - Enhanced strength with this arm and it can stretch and bend into different forms, but she prefers not to use it unless completely necessary.

  • Enhanced Dagger Skill - couples with Mystic Object

  • Mystic Object - Glowing blue dagger that walks the line between shortsword and dagger, can be summoned from anywhere and can multiply infinitely.


Strength 3(5 on demonic arm.)
Speed 4
Intelligence 4 (Dedicated schooling in training)
Durability 3 (5 in demonic arm)
Stamina 3
Fighting Ability (Close Combat) 6
Fighting Ability (Ranged Combat) 4
Energy Projection 0
Weaponry 3 (Dagger)
Danger (If she punched with the demonic arm she could total a car, but this really isn't her strong point.)
Special/Other Dagger that multiplies infinitely and can be summoned from anywhere.
Total 35
The Pariah costume.

The Pariah in full assassin guard.