The Ziz by longjunt

Ziz (original art by Longjant)

The End is a giant cosmic Ziz of unrivaled power. When the universal law is broken, it sets out on a journey from beyond the edge of the universe: some say that it is sent by god himself. Unstoppable, implacable and certain. Its true powerlevels are incalculable: it has destroyed Gods and empires. 

If the Universal law is ever broken, it will come. It may take years, it may take hours: But it will come. 

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Omnislayer - The End posseses the ability to kill to kill any living being.

  • Ziz Physiology - The End takes the form a giant cosmic Ziz, though this form changes in the details each time it emerges. 

  • Punishment - The End is widely though to be punishment from God. His attacks are never random.