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The Degenerate is a neo-luddite environmentalist who gained his powers through experimentation on a sample of Shizen no Senshi's dna that he acquired from the aftermath of one of the earth champion's fights. He has the ability to reduce any technology to scrap metal, as well as emit a plant-energy based aura and the ability to manipulate and fight using rainbow energy.

The Degenerate is evil, and lives to destroy modern society and revert the world to the dark ages. He is currently imprisoned by the Terra Protectors .


Plant Aura

Due to his powers being fueled by the mysterious Gaiaforce, The Degenerate emits an aura that causes plant life to grow at a startling rate around him.

Rainbow Manipulation

The Degenerate manipulates a strange rainbow energy, which allows him to fly hundreds of times faster than the speed of sound, and is purportedly able to fly near light speed. This energy can also be used as a defensive aura and to fire powerful beams and blasts.

Technology Manipulation

The Degenerate is able to destroy technology with extreme ease, a side-effect of his corrupted Gaiaforce use.