Shizen no Senshi is an ancient warrior, born as a guardian of the planet Earth. He has complete control over nature, and exists only to defend the world.


Shizen no Senshi was created by the Earth to protect it from any harm. He successfully carried out this job solo for hundreds of years, but in the early twenty-first century the threats became stronger and more frequent, leading him to create The Terra Protectors after a battle that destroyed the galaxy.


Shizen no Senshi has complete control over nature, afforded to him by the Gaiaforce. He has also been shown to be able to transform his limbs into firearms to enhance his attacks. Shizen no Senshi's most impressive ability, however, is his power to grow into extremely powerful forms.


Shizen no Senshi so far has shown five forms. The first form is his regular self, Shizen no Senshi. Shizen's second form is Yama no Senshi, a form taken on when he merges with a mountain to enhance his power. This power is enhanced with each progressive form. The other three forms are Tsuki no Senshi, activated by merging with the moon, Wakusei no Senshi, activated by merging with the earth, and Choginga no Senshi, activated by absorbing multiple planets and stars into his Wakusei no Senshi form.