Sdeodik is a dragon who has roamed the earth since the 900's. He's a master of fire, and fire magic; He's an efficient alchemist and uses his knowledge of conventional magic and of alchemy to manipulate lead as he chooses.
Ancient dragon by Sumerky


Born around 900 Sdeodik's mother was killed and taken by a manor lord and forced sdeodik to leave home and start a journey. On his journy he met a wizard who was going to be killed as per a contract the wizard had signed. He learned how to be an efficient fighter in human, and dragon form; He learned how to use magic, and he also learned how to live as a human and use human resources. When the wizard was claimed by death's associate Sdeodik fought on behalf of the wizard and was cursed with an infected arm.


Sdeodik commands all known types of fire to varying degrees; He canmanipulate lead to varying degrees; and has a weaponized infected arm.


He has signed an agreement with Syvir, an alien dragon, that they will not kill each other, or if they did, they'd be brought back to life by a higher power.


Sdeodik's Reddit character sheet.