Nearly 500,000 years ago, on the southern beaches of Australia, a force of great magnitude struck the island. It was washed into the ocean, where it rested for hundreds of centuries.

In that time, the force, which was sentient, allowed itself to be assimilated into the water. It spent countless ages perfecting this form, molding it into something that would be both intimidating and practical. It took the shape of a massive human, comprised entirely of water but completely solid.

When it rose from the sea after nearly 400,000 years, it attempted to assimilate into human culture. However, its unique size and physical appearance terrified most people, and they shunned and attacked it. It was outraged that they would disrespect it, and in its rage, its power flared, and it destroyed entire cities around it.

The being travelled the world, but faced the same reaction everywhere it went. Its anger made it more powerful, but in its rage its power would escape its control, and it would destroy thousands of people in its lapses.

Knowing that humans could never truly accept it amongst them, it retreated to the ocean, swearing that one day it would return to command their respect.

And in the year 2125, it has returned. It has left the ocean once more, haunted by the centuries it had to endure as an outcast when it should have been met with utmost respect.

It has taken the name of Riot, and it will not rest until the human race bows to it, as they should have done from the start.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Liquid Manipulation[2] - Riot used this ability to create a physical form for itself. It shaped the ocean around it into a humanoid form and solidified it. This form is its default, but a physical form is not required for its survival.

Psionic Embodiment[3] - Riot is the amalgamation of psychic energy left over at the creation of the universe. Theoretically, its power is limitless, but it has never had a reason to test itself to its full potential.

Empathic Power Augmentation[4] - This is Riot's most important power, as it is also Riot's biggest weakness. Riot is easily enraged by disrespect or dismissal, and in its outrage, it can and will lose control of its power, as its anger will push its abilities beyond the capacity for control. These power flares have done everything from destroy entire cities without a trace, to freezing half the planet.

All of Riot's scores are taking into account the power granted it by its Psionic Embodiment  AND its default physical form.


Strength 8
Speed 5
Intelligence 7
Durability 8
Stamina 8
Fighting Ability (Close Combat) 1
Fighting Ability (Ranged Combat) 2
Energy Projection 7
Weaponry 1
Danger 6
Special/Other Riot is fully capable of combat, but refuses to use human implements to fight, as they are beneath it. Riot's psionic embodiment grants it total immunity to those powers, but its physical body can be destroyed by many different forms of weapons and energy. When its physical body is destroyed, it will retreat to the ocean to create a new one. And because it is an embodiment of an idea, rather than a creature with power, it is not technically a living organism, and as such is immune to disease and powers directly affecting organic matter.
Total 53


Riot is disconnected from the world, seeing himself as superior to most other Earth-bound beings.  He is jealous, wanting absolute respect, and he becomes enraged when he does not get it.