Maximum Breaker was once a monkey, an alouatta palliata. He was a test subject at an experimental facility testing the effects of evolution on animals, to see what could possibly evolve to human-like creatures. Due to a mishap he went through the equivalent of trillions of years of evolution, emerging as what seemed to be a perfect being, with the appearance of a humanoid monkey, though retaining his fur and prehensile tail. Greedy and protective of his power, Maximum destroyed the facility and all of its research before escaping into the world, but soon regretted his decision. Maximum became a warrior monk, spending his time training and meditating deep in the amazon jungles. Maximum Monkey will not fight unless provoked, and wields an indestructible staff made of a secret metal given to him by Shizen no Senshi.



Maximum Monkey is the absolute peak of evolution. His existence is completely self dependent. The mistake in the lab was his doing, achieved through time travel, and he has used his omnipotence to ensure no other can evolve to his level naturally.

Elemental Cloning

Maximum Monkey is able to an infinite amount of clones out of any element. He uses this to fight enemies with a technique he calls 'Sea of Monkeys'.

Vibration Emission

Maximum Monkey is able to create and control vibrations. These powers can be used to physically destroy nearly anything.