Jackson Dark is a renowned geneticist who found himself at the wrong end of his experiments by mistake. 


Jackson was the top researcher of this new trend of meta-humans on Earth, until one day he got caught in a backlash of his own experiments. He was blasted with pure light energy, and it infused him with extremely enhanced senses.

The sensory overload almost drove him mad, and left him a babbling mess. He was committed to a mental institution, where he was rehabilitated. But he never lost his senses, and after learning how to focus himself, he found he was able to use his senses to great effect, correctly predicting moments of danger for himself and others.

It wasn't until quite some time had passed that he started seeing flashes of things that didn't make sense - places he had never visited, people he had never met. Things he couldn't possibly know. After some extensive experimentation, he realized he could, quite literally, see through space and time.

He is a geneticist, not a fighter, but anyone seeking to battle him might be up for more than they bargain for.


Enhanced senses - The accident left him with hypersensitive senses, to the point of being easily driven to sensory overload. He can see for thousands of miles with perfect vision, feel vibrations in the air, and smell a person's emotions on their skin, among other things.

Extrasensory combat - Jackson has a kind of pseudo-precognition: with his enhanced senses, he can feel vibrations in the air almost before they happen. This allows him to know exactly how to move to keep himself, and others, alive.

Space-Time-Migration - Though it sounds impressive, Jackson is not capable of the full potential of this power. Instead, his power focuses on the Spacial Awareness aspect of the ability - the power to know exactly where someone is at any given time, provided they are not in a vacuum. Whether or not Jackson can access the full potential of this power has yet to be determined.

Attribute Oculus
Strength 2
Speed 2
Intelligence 5
Durability  3
Stamina 3
Melee 3
Range 2
Energy 0
Weapons 2
Danger 2
Special/Other Jackson isn't much to look at, that's for sure. But what he lacks in physical ability, he makes up for with his intelligence and his power-enhanced reflexes.  On top of that, he is a top scientist, and can think his way out of most any situation.
Total 24


Jackson is constantly in pain, but tries very hard not to let that affect his interaction with other people.  He is helpful whenever he can be, and is constantly working on experiments to help other people whose power is uncontrollable.