Geode is a human with exceptional earth-based abilities.  While his power is respectable, he is not helpless in a fight, and is currently at peak human condition.  On top of that, his genius-level intellect and impressive charisma are considered among his greatest tools.


Geode was originally confronted by LRD and challenged to a fight. After a lengthy battle, Geode determined that he was vastly outmatched, and forfeited.  LRD then returned to space, abandoning Geode on an island in the Pacific Ocean.

For two years, Geode trained himself both his body and his powers, refining both his Ash Breath and Companion Allegiance to levels far beyond their bases.  He trained against his Golems, pushing himself to his limits and eventually reaching peak normal-human condition.

He then returned to the mainland and confronted LRD once more.  After a brief battle, Geode and LRD became allies, and Geode revealed previous knowledge of Arc's purpose on Earth.


Earth Aversion Inducement - Geode can drain powers completely from his opponents, provided they are touching the ground within a few feet of him.  Additionally, anyone in direct contact with either of his other powers -- both earth-based -- can be affected by this power.

Ash Breath - Geode has the ability to breathe vasts amounts of ash over a wide area, or a concentrated stream of ash capable of damaging stone or tearing through weak metal.

Companion Allegiance - By far Geode's most useful ability, he has the power to summon up to three 8-foot-tall Stone Golems, or one 30-foot-tall Stone Colossus.  These companions are extremely durable and perfectly loyal; they do not have any intelligence of their own, and their only thought is the protection of their master.

Power ChartEdit


Strength 4
Speed 4
Intelligence 5
Durability 3
Stamina 4
Fighting Ability (Close Combat) 3
Fighting Ability (Ranged Combat) 3
Energy Projection 5
Weaponry 2
Danger 4
Special/Other Training nonstop for two years against his own Golems has left Geode at peak human ability, but he hasn't forgotten his charisma's use as a weapon. He is capable of holding his own in a fight, but would much prefer to let his golems fight his battles for him.
Total 37


Stone Golem
Strength 5 (7 for Stone Colossus)
Speed 1
Intelligence 0
Durability 7
Stamina 6
Fighting Ability (Close Combat) 2
Fighting Ability (Ranged Combat) 1
Energy Projection 0
Weaponry 0
Danger 3 (5 for Stone Colossus)
Special/Other Geode's Stone Golems have no reasoning skills to speak of. They are mindless drones, and their only instinct is to obey their master. They are impossibly loyal, and will face their own destruction to save Geode from harm.
Total 25 (29 for Stone Colossus)


Geode is calm and collected, and very difficult to startle or intimidate.  He sees protecting people more as a business than any kind of civil duty, and this outlook has made him somewhat cold to the moral implications of failure.