Fat cat

Fat-Cat McGaw, a caricature.

Fat-Cat McGaw is a humanoid feline with outstanding intellect.  He possesses technology far beyond any human implements, and uses his tech to power his themepark, KiddieKat Land.


Born to a crazy cat lady, Fat-Cat McGaw learned at a young age that he was more than just the son of a schizophrenic introvert. He found he was exceedingly brilliant, but also (for reasons that it's probably best not to get in to) part cat.

He took to the hills, hiding himself from the world. But then one day, a young child saw him by accident. Rather than scream and run away, the child was filled with glee, and so too was McGaw. He decided that he would put his brilliance to the ultimate test of joy and jubilation, and created technology that was far beyond anything humans had ever seen.

Using this advanced tech, McGaw created KiddieKat Land, an amusement park for the young and old. He designed himself a booth from which he could control every aspect of the park, from the shape of roller coasters to concession stand locations to security measures, and opened the park to the public.

Fat-Cat McGaw is, to put it simply, one cool cat, and is more than happy to design more serious implements should the heroes of the world ever need technological help.


Feline Physiology - McGaw is a humanoid feline, in reference to a fat tabby cat.  He shares none of his feline cousins' agility or durability, instead focusing on application of his intellect.

Advanced Technology - McGaw is a super-genius, and is capable of creating machines decades ahead of anything humans are capable of.  He uses this tech to power his theme park, but can easily weaponize it if need be.

Amusement Park Monarchy - KiddieKat Land is a state-of-the-art theme park designed for children and adults alike.  It stretches over a span of three miles, with rides of every shape and size, all animal-themed.  McGaw sits in his office and watches everything, using his tech to change aspects of the park on the fly.

Power ChartEdit

Power ChartEditEdit

Attribute Score
Strength 2
Speed 2
Intelligence 6
Durability 3



Fighting Ability

(Close Combat)


Fighting Ability

(Ranged Combat)

Energy Projection 0
Weaponry 5
Danger 2
Special/Other McGaw doesn't fight often, if at all. He is much more interested in keeping the children happy, and is content to tinker with his theme park. However, if needed, he can use his tech to create a fully-functional automated defense system in just a few short hours.



Fat-Cat McGaw is a pushover for kids, and loves seeing people when they're happy.  He doesn't get angry very often, and will always attempt to solve a problem before finding someone to blame.