Arhaal by devburmak-d3i6qf2

Eliriõn (art by DevBurmak)

Eliriõn was a powerful wizard who spent 400 years in stasis, emerging to the modern world full of super powered beings. Master of Intangibility, Flight and multiple energy attacks, Eliriõn's first contact with the modern world was to witness a fight between two supers that devastated a small town.

Since then, Eliriõn has been sceptical of the benefits of super beings and spends most of his time invisibly observing super beings duel and meditating.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Attribute Eliriõn
Strength 3
Speed 4
Intelligence 5
Durability 3
Stamina 3
Fighting Ability (Close Combat) 3
Fighting Ability (Ranged Combat) 5
Energy Projection 6
Weaponry 3
Danger 5
Special/Other Energy blasts can have varying effects.
 Total 40


Grim, Cynical and bitter, Elirõn has seen plenty of combat in his life. He believes that the aggressive nature of the supers endangers the world, and often challenges heroes who he deems to have caused to much damage to the world.