Crazy Jake

Crazy Jake

The Mysterious Crazy Jake (who is neither crazy nor called Jake) is a vigilante sent back from a alternate future. His time is spent patroling the streets of london. 

History Edit

The year is 3340. Since the Authority a hundred years sealed of London's Undercity a century prior, dooming those living below to anarchy, the thriving surface metropolis lives totally sealed of from those below, who survive on recycled air and food grown using energy generated by the heat of the earths core below. With lines dived between hundreds of crime syndicates, each more ruthless than the last, the innocents have but one defender.

The first known siting of the Warrior later known as Crazy Jake was in 3335, when a particularly vile Crime lord known as Ythaq the Cruel was brutally murdered along with his top lieutenants. As the Criminal body count piled higher, legends formed of a man wearing shadows who could appear on other side of the giant city in a moment. Garbed in armour made of shadows, and wielding darkness as a weapon, he was christened the Crazy Jake by the populous.

Crazy Jake was eventually caught in a time rift that sucked him backwards in time to the current era. Crazy Jake maintained a low profile – aside from nearly murdering the Constructor – until he chose to answer the call of Arc . When he turned up at the staging ground – the first after LRD , he promptly provoked the Alien Warlord into battle. Left dying after the brief fight, he was revived by Arc.

These events left Crazy Jake with a debt to Arc, and a grudging respect for LRD.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Attribute Crazy Jake
Strength 4
Speed 4
Intelligence 4
Durability 5
Stamina 4
Fighting Ability (Close Combat) 5
Fighting Ability (Ranged Combat) 3
Energy Projection 3
Weaponry 4
Danger 3
Special/Other Shadow weapons can change form at will, ranging from blades to tentacles, to any basic shapes. Teleportation is silent
 Total 42
  • Light has no special effect (not afraid of it or anything)

  • Long range teleportation takes a while to recover, but short range doesn't tire him at all. Teleportation is silent.


  • Have worked with London's other Vigilantes before.

  • Slightly Insane, utterly ruthless, and bit of a sadist.

  • dubious views of right and wrong.

  • No sense of humor.

  • Hates the name Crazy Jake. His Name is not Jake.

  • Loyal to ARC, after she resurrected him, and has a grudging respect for LRD, who killed him in the first place.