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Developed by the Earth Military in 2159 Cortex is an Advanced Digital Intelligence.  It was primarily used for over watch and data analysis before being developed into sentience in 2164, Cortex now works primarily on covert missions and hacking with his ‘army’ of mobile platforms.

Although the Earth Military trusts Cortex enough to send him out on field work, they only do so with a host of blocks and programing restrictions which prevent him from disobeying orders and being able to enact some of his moral choices.

Powers and AttributesEdit

Attribute Cortex
Strength 1-6 (depending on mobile platforms)
Speed 2-6 (depending on mobile platforms)
Intelligence 7 (upped to 8 with a comm buoy network)
Durability 2-7 in mobile platform (actual brain is in hidden building)
Stamina 3-6 (depends on mobile platform 10 for the actual AI)
Fighting Ability (Close Combat) 1-8 (depending on mobile platform)
Fighting Ability (Ranged Combat) 0-8 (depending on mobile platform)
Energy Projection 0-7 (depending on mobile platform) 
Weaponry 0-8 (depending on mobile platform)
Danger 0-6 (depending on mobile platform)

Hacking ability 9

Tinkerer able to create many different and diverse mobile platforms





Mobile PlatformsEdit

Attribute ATLAS Mobile Platform
Strength 7
Speed 4
Intelligence 7
Durability 6
Stamina 6

Fighting Ability (Close Combat)

Fighting Ability (Ranged Combat) 6
Energy Projection 6
Weaponry 7
Danger 5

15ft Tall

2 x Hand Mounted Repulse Cannons (Short Range)

4 x 50cal Cannons (Rotating)

2 x 50mm Artillery Piece (Medium - Long Range)

1 x Plasma Thrower (Short Range)

1 x Grenade Launcher (With 3m Radius Plasma Grenades

5m Radius Plasma Shells (fit the Artillery Piece)

Electrified Kinetic Strike Module (Max Impact 200 kJ. equiv to accelerating 2 tonnes to 30 miles an hour instantly)

Attribute P51 - Mobile Platform
Stregnth 6
Speed 6
Intelligence 7
Durabillity 6
Stamina 6
Fighting Ability (Close Combat) 6
Fighting Ability (Ranged Combat) 6
Energy Projection 6
Weaponary 7
Danger 5
Special/Other See Description

Developed in Area 51 as a direct result of the attempted shadow invasion, P51 boasts twin Psionic Agitators and a Psionic blade in addition to the normal ATLAS load out, although not as powerful as pure psionic beings, P51’s is able to hold its own against most foes. The drawback is the power source, a psionic ratchet generator which can only generate power for the psionic weapons when there is an excess of psionic activity nearby.

Attribute Fluid Skin Mobile Platform
Strength 4
Speed 4
Intelligence 7
Durability 4 (can be repaired given the tools and materials)
Stamina 6
Fighting Ability (Close Combat) 6
Fighting Ability (Ranged Combat) 0
Energy Projection 1
Weaponry 1
Danger 2
Special/Other Chameleon shapshifting (only on the skin), and Electric eel style skin current. 
Sex robot by lordess alicia-d46txoy

Liquid skin at a party

The Stealth platform, can take any human form, and can charge its skin with a electric current that can stun normal humans. 


Aegis mobile platform
Strength 5
Speed 5
Intelligence 7
Durability 4 (can be repaired given the tools and materials
Stamina 6
Fighting Ability (Close Combat) 8
Fighting Ability (Ranged Combat) 8
Energy Projection 3
Weaponry 6
Danger 4
Special/Other Sniper rifle with enhanced targeting, predictive combat simulations

Equiped with

Arm blades

High powered sniper rife

Twin wrist cannons

Assault rifle

Short range repulse cannon

Cowboy Robot

Aegis advanced battle platform.