Cyborg by take bamboo-d5rg643

Constructor (art by TaKe-bamboo)

The Constructor was a talented engineering student when a battle between two rogue supers left him merged with his workshop. A Cyborg, he gained a certain magical affinity for combining random pieces of scrap to form efficient weapons, Blending seemingly incompatible objects to form useful tools. 

After recovering from his accident, Constructor found that his damaged eyes had been repaired and augmented with tracking, making difficult shots easy. 

Taking great pride in his creations, the only weapons he ever uses are those he creates himself, often on the job. Knowing the exact dynamics of his creations gives him near perfect control of them. 

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Amalgamation [1]: Has merged with his workshop and survived as a cyborg, and can merge his creations together in seemingly impossible ways

Enhanced Marksmanship [2]: Not perfect, but his creations are nearly always incredibly precise weapons, which he can efficiently use.

Ambient Resource Construction [3]: telekinetically constructs any inanimate, inorganic object that he has the resources and imagination for. He has not yet learned how to incorporate energy into his Constructions yet, though. As such he is useless against incorporeal beings.


Constructor is a neutral character - he only looks out for himself. He has been willing to aid against planetary scale threats, even if that is only because those threats would leave him at risk.

He will only ever use weapons he creates, being very particular about his creations. His enhanced marksmanship is relies heavily on this knowledge. Stubborn but careful, he avoids fighting against suicidal odds, but never backs down when the fight is joined.  

Most of his time is spent honing his powers in his combined training ground and home, The Workshop. Powered by his own abilities, he has allowed other supers that he has befriended to live and train there too.