From a place beyond space and time, an army of guardians watch with amusement as these newfound "superheroes" do war. Eventually, they know that humans will tear themselves apart with and because of these new powers. These beings call themselves neutral, and will not influence the decisions.

Except one.

Arc is young by the standards of the guardians, only a millennia old. She has spent her entire existence being taught by her elders that humans are children, still learning, and yet she is expected to stand aside and let them destroy themselves.

Her forerunners are beings of far more experience than herself, but she believes herself to able to teach the humans to master their own power, and to direct their fury to those threats that wait on the horizon.

In short, she is here to learn, and to help in whatever way she can.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Tentacle Extension[2] - Rather than a physical entity, her tentacle extension is entirely light-based. The tentacles are extensions of her power, and a way to affect multiple people at once with her power.

Archangel Physiology[3] - Arc's original form is unknown. Her current form is based on the human mythology surrounding angels, but her powers are similar, if less destructive.

Her abilities instead focus on restoration and peacekeeping. A list of her powers associated with her heritage includes:

  • Flight
  • Healing
  • Death Sense
  • Hope Inducement
  • Clairvoyance
  • Omnilingualism
  • Extreme strength

Life Breath[4] - Her most powerful ability is resurrection, but in order to do this, she must be in direct contact with the dead. This drains her considerably, and can leave her fatigued and unable to use any of her other abilities for days at a time.

On top of her powers, she also uses a sword and a shepherd's crook for melee combat.


Strength 7
Speed 7
Intelligence 7
Durability 7
Stamina 6
Fighting Ability (Close Combat) 5
Fighting Ability (Ranged Combat) 2
Energy Projection 2
Weaponry 3
Danger 3
Special/Other Arc can fight when she needs to, but often chooses to avoid conflict. She is unfamiliar with typical human weaponry and its uses, and it is the one subject she is unwilling to learn. She will never harm an innocent person, and is reluctant to kill even the strongest ad most vile of opponents. It is important to note that, even for all her power and durability, she is still mortal.
Total 49


Arc genuinly cares for the lives of the people of the earth. While she is a competent fighter, she rarely choses to fight herself, instead attempting to rally supers to protect the earth from threats.